August 26, 2016

Indians in Laramie

I recently caught one or two episodes of the old Western TV show Laramie. Its attitude toward Natives wasn't bad for the times.

Here are the two episodes that come up when you search for "Laramie TV show Indians."

Wolf Cub
Episode aired 21 November 1961Jess rescues a crippled Blackfoot boy from a scalp hunter. Several of the Blackfoot have escaped the reservation with the Army rounding up most of them. With tensions high Mike and the boy leave putting both into danger from both sides.The Perfect Gift
Episode aired 2 January 1962After saving the life of an Arapaho girl in a fire and helping acquit her in a trial for killing a man, Slim finds her his possession due to Arapaho law. When she won't leave him, he takes her in but soon finds he has feelings for her.

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