June 20, 2006

New film on La Llorona

Filmmaker brings legend to lifeThe legend—most popular in Hispanic cultures—of La Llorona, “the anguished spirit,” dates back to15th century Mexico and a woman named “La Malinche.” In 1522, Conquistador Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztec Empire with the invaluable aid of this Indian slave girl, who served as his diplomat, translator, strategist, lover and mother of his son, Martin.

She was vilified in her mother country, despite the fact she saved thousands of Indian lives by enabling Cortes to negotiate rather than slaughter.

La Malinche’s story becomes transformed somewhere in time into the anguished wailing of La Llorona, who in Mexican folklore drowned her children in a fit of insanity. Her spirit was condemned to wander for eternity and wail for her lost children along the rivers and lakes.

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