June 17, 2016

Scalping in V for Vitamins

"Gilligan's Island": V for Vitamins (TV Episode 1966)
Episode aired 14 April 1966The Professor tells his fellow castaways that if they don't find a way to grow more oranges and other fruits on the island, they risk dying from vitamin deficiencies.The story starts with a blatant stereotype:

Gilligan's Island Script
Episode #66, "V for Vitamins"EXT – CLEARING – DAY

Ginger and Skipper are in the clearing. The Skipper has a tablecloth over his front and Ginger is cutting his hair.

Please, Ginger, not too much off the top!

Just a little bit more, Skipper.

But I believe you're part Indian...you're trying to scalp me!

You're a sailor. Sailors should have crew cuts.

Well I don't mind a crew cut, but you're trying to remove the entire crew!

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