December 15, 2015

Netflix buries Ridiculous 6

Netflix's The Ridiculous 6 branded ‘unwatchable’ by critics and viewers

Proof Netflix Originals aren't always a safe bet

By Christopher Hooton
At the time of writing, The Ridiculous 6 has disappeared from mine and several others' Netflix homepage carousel, and can’t even be found among many ‘Trending Now’, 'Popular on Netflix' or ‘Recently Added’ sections.

Granted, these are all algorithm-based, but when pushing a new show Netflix will often try to promote its original content even if it doesn't 100% fall in line with what you've watched before, and you'd think 'Recently Added' would work fairly independently from taste.

The film still ostensibly has an average 4-star rating among viewers, but a glance at the multitude of 1-star user reviews paints a different picture.

'Seems like they forgot to put the jokes in this one,' one reads. 'And the acting. And plot. Anything, really.'
Are Netflix trying to bury failed Adam Sandler comedy, The Ridiculous 6?

By Olivia WaringNetflix have removed the Western from their main carousel in exchange for Bradley Cooper rom-com Aloha, which definitely means the situation must be very bad indeed.

Netflix is trying to bury The Ridiculous Six hoping no one notices

Despite being out for a mere three days, it now can’t be found for many on the ‘Popular on Netflix’ or ‘Recently Added’ sections of Netflix–only remaining in ‘Comedy’ and ‘Trending Now.’

Embarrassing. Don’t blame it on the algorithm, guys.
Comment:  For more on Adam Sandler, see So-Called Humor in Ridiculous 6 and Video Response to Ridiculous 6.

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