November 17, 2015

Republicans afraid of Syrian refugees

Congressmen Pressure GOP Leaders To Strip Funding For Syrian Refugees

The US is so paranoid about Syrian refugees that it’s letting barely any in

Refugees aren't just slipping into the US. Screening takes two years, and it's nearly impossible for people to pass.

They want a clash of civilizations: After Paris, we need grown-ups, not apocalyptic warriorsRepublicans are gleeful at getting to play war, except with real people's lives instead of toy soldiers. ‪#‎bomb‬ ‪#‎kill‬Fearing Fear Itself

"An organized attempt to destroy Western civilization"? No, an organized attempt to sow panic, which is different.

Do conservatives seriously think ISIS is going to bomb a million buildings or kill a billion Westerners? You have to be a blithering idiot to think they endanger our "civilization."

Ann Coulter’s odious anti-Muslim rants: Of course she’s exploiting the Paris terror attacks to entertain racist, xenophobic fansShe happily conflates "Muslim," "refugee" and "ISIS," untroubled about maligning 1.5 billion practitioners of Islam.Chris Christie is winning the a**hole primary with his callous refugee stance: Not even “3 year old orphans” welcome

Why exactly are conservatives afraid of a handful of terrorists? Because conservatives are cowards? Wimps? Children? They're literally cowering from 3-year-olds (Muslim) babies!

Of course the conservatives cowards are mainly in red states. I thought that's why you had guns, you yellow bellies. So you could shoot the brown-skinned terrorists.

Are you shivering and quivering too much to shoot straight? Afraid of shooting yourself in the foot or penis instead? Or what, exactly?

Heartbreaking Photo Of A 4-Year-Old Syrian Girl ‘Surrendering’ To A Photojournalist

Chris Christie wet his pants at the sight of this "terrorist"!

Obama torches GOP on Syrian refugees: 'Now they are scared of three-year-old orphans'

Republicans: Afraid of everything but white male Christians with guns!

For more on terrorism, see First Thoughts After Paris Attacks and America the Biggest Loser.

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