January 29, 2016

Oregon's policy on school mascots

People have been talking about the Oregon State Board of Education's policy on school mascots. Here's a typical story:

With tribal sign-off, Scappoose likely to keep 'Indians' mascot

Superintendent talks to tribal leaders about ways to retain mascot

By Nicole Thill
Use of Native American mascots was banned in 2012 in 15 school districts by the Oregon State Board of Education. The resolution required the mascots to be changed by 2017 or risk losing federal funding.

However, after several discussions and amendment changes the board determined last week that school districts could keep their mascots if they entered into an agreement with the nearest federally recognized confederated tribe.

The Scappoose School District has been in communication with the Confederated Tribe of Grand Ronde since early 2015 to reach an agreement like this. Superintendent Stephen Jupe and Tribal Council Chair Reyn Leno agree that it is “very likely” Scappoose will keep its mascot, but imagery and representation of the mascot will likely be altered.

“I’m pretty sure based on discussions ... that the full faced-Indian with the feather headdress, that you see in places and on letterhead and things like that, really has to go. And that’s fine,” Jupe said.

Leno said discussions between the Grand Ronde’s cultural department and each individual school district will help identify what names and symbols are culturally appropriate for each school district. Knowing what tribes traditionally lived in each area, what they wore, what they looked like and what they were known for will be key to determining what aspects will remain and what will change, Leno said.

Comment:  A brief discussion on the subject:

Sounds like Grand Ronde is offering one-stop shopping for every school in Oregon.So the mascots will still objectify and dehumanize, but they will do so with greater authenticity and Native input???Yes!Grand Ronde are sell-outs and should be ashamed of themselves. Who gives them the right to approve anything for any tribe/nation but their own? Reminds me of old black folk in the south saying it doesn't bother them to be referred to as coons, jigga-boo, boy, n-word; don't make waves or you'll make things worse, we have bigger issues to worry about, as long as the man pay me my $$ for a good day's work we be alright; ah ole' Mista don't mean nuffin' by it, it's just good ole Joel Olsen doing his black face comedy he just funnin'....

Bull Sh*t!!!
Grand Ronde tribe buys former dog racing track, sparking new casino speculation

Gotta keep the white folks happy!

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