February 01, 2013

Racists infest newspaper's Facebook page

Newspaper removes Facebook page over racist comments

Thompson Citizen in Manitoba condemns 'anti-aboriginal racists and haters' onlineA newspaper in Thompson, Man., has disabled its Facebook page due to racist slurs that were being posted by the public about aboriginal people.

Staff with the Thompson Citizen say they could not accept what some people were writing on the newspaper's Facebook page, but they couldn't control what was being posted.

"We're leaving because for some time commenters have been posting virulently racist anti-aboriginal comments on our page and tagging photos in a similar way, including our profile photo of the Thompson Citizen building this morning," editor John Barker wrote in an editorial posted on the paper's website Thursday.

"It ends here. This newspaper is not going to stand by and let anti-aboriginal racists and haters spew their evil on a vehicle we're facilitating them using."
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Racist Comments in Canadian Newspapers and Morris Mirror: Natives = "Terrorists."

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