June 23, 2014

Conservatives boo Redskins trademark decision

While Natives and liberals cheered the Redskins trademark decision, conservatives denounced it. More to the point, they blamed it on the black man in the White House. They proved once again what I've said many times: that conservatives are racists.

Conservatives: Redskins Ruling Another Day In 'Obama's America'

By Tom KludtThe White House said the decision to cancel the Washington Redskins' trademark registrations was made by an independent tribunal, but that hasn't stopped many on the right to link the ruling to the tyrannical arm of Barack Obama they've warned about for years.

A mere hour after the United States Patent and Trademark Office announced the cancellation of six of the team's trademark registrations because "they were disparaging to Native Americans at the respective times they were registered," RedState.com editor Erick Erickson already knew who was really behind the decision.

Erickson pinned the blame on "a bunch of overeducated white guys who cry during 'Love Actually'" and "a class of men who pee sitting down"—two effete, easily aggrieved constituencies who apparently have some clout with Obama in charge.

"The lesson here is that guilty feeling white liberals are a threat to freedom and, in Barack Obama’s America, the key to survive is to not appear on the radar of in Washington, D.C," Erickson wrote. "Once Washington’s elite know of your existence and you do not behave like them, they will turn the power of government in your direction."

Conservative shock jock Rush Limbaugh also said that Obama's fingerprints are all over the decision. Limbaugh faulted political reporters for failing to acknowledge the President's complicity in the "tyranny."

"This is not the Patent and Trademark Office. This is Barack Obama," Limbaugh said Wednesday. "One of the things in reporting out of Washington that has happened during this administration—this is the Executive Branch. All this stuff is coming out of the Executive Branch. All of this, well, tyranny, it's all coming from the Executive Branch. And Obama owns the Executive Branch. He is the Executive Branch. But yet, it's never reported that way."
Limbaugh gets schooled on mascots:

Rush Limbaugh: Redskins Losing Their Trademark Is Obama’s Fault! (Audio)

By Rika ChristensenLimbaugh is either closed in a more opaque bubble than we originally thought, or he’s willfully ignorant, because outrage over team names and mascots have been going on for a long time.

One has to wonder just how Limbaugh could possibly be unaware of all of that. He thinks the Redskins controversy is new, is one of the first (if not the first) of its kind, and that it’s Obama’s fault.

Something else Limbaugh is apparently unaware of is the fact that this is actually the second time the Patent and Trademark office has cancelled the Redskins’ trademark. The first time was in 1999, but an appeals court overturned that decision in 2003. President Obama said that, if he owned the team, he’d change the name, and 50 members of Congress sent a letter to the NFL asking them to force a name change, but neither of these actions can actually do anything. They just express sentiments.

So this is nothing new, and has nothing to do with Obama, whatever Limbaugh wants to say. He’s clearly not paying any attention; the Patent and Trademark Office’s decision was in response to a case before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, Blackhorse v. Pro Football Inc. The case itself was symbolic because cancelling a trademark doesn’t force a name and logo change. This wasn’t done on a whim. It wasn’t an order from Obama. It’s not something that happened suddenly, with no warning. But Limbaugh, in his ongoing witch hunt against liberals, will never see that.
As does Erickson for blaming the decision on effeminate men:

Man’s man Erick Erickson—and his sad, terrifying existence

Why is it that alpha male Erickson keeps losing to the emo feminists and men who cry?

By Simon Maloy
I’d like to respond to this, but before I do, I feel I should establish my manly bona fides so that I can’t be dismissed as an effete, womanly pantywaist. I’ve never seen “Love Actually” and I don’t care for Hugh Grant. I played rugby and ice hockey as a younger man, though was forced to give them up after too many shoulder separations and concussions. There’s a lot of Hemingway on my bookshelf and I ate a steak last night. I own a power drill and have more than 100 screwdriver bits. My dog weighs more than 70 pounds. I just did 15 push-ups.


There. With my shallowly defined masculinity established, we can continue.

The first thing to point out is that while Erickson puts the blame on white men, the chief plaintiff in the case against the Washington football team is a Navajo woman, Amanda Blackhorse. She’s been leading the effort to get the team’s name changed for eight years. Other people who recognize the name is offensive and are not snivelly professorial liberal caricatures include: Hall of Fame players, NFL executives, former coaches, former Redskins and John McCain.

But let’s assume that Erickson is right and white liberals whose bathroom habits he’s curiously interested in are an existential threat to his worldview–what does that say about Erick Erickson? I mean, Erickson clearly views himself as a superior manly specimen, constantly belittling those who disagree with him as “beta males.” And yet, the beta males and weenie girly men keep getting the better of him.

Faux News

Meanwhile, on Fox News:

Glenn Beck Suggests Harry Reid Is Brain Damaged For Advocating Washington Redskins Name Change

By EllenOn the same Kelly File show in which Glenn Beck preached the need for America to “come together,” he later repeatedly smeared those who want the Washington Redskins team to change its name. Beck didn’t just argue against the name change, he suggested those who feel differently are anti-American and–in a page from Karl Rove’s Hillary Clinton playbook–suggested Sen. Harry Reid is suffering from brain damage for advocating the change. Beck concluded this display of “unity” by suggesting the team rename itself the Washington Benghazis.

“I feel sorry for Harry Reid and I mean this sincerely.” Beck said–right before suggesting Reid is brain damagned. “Harry is, I’m sure, a nice guy… but I really think that there’s something wrong with him. I think he slipped or something. I don’t understand it.”

There was no pushback from Kelly over such an outrageous and baseless claim.
Like all the other racist conservatives, Beck is apparently unaware that Native activists have led this fight for decades. It literally has nothing to do with Senator Reid or President Obama.

Brian Kilmeade Mocks 'Redskin' Protest While Elisabeth Hasselbeck Giggles

By PriscillaAs the mouthpiece for those who yearn for the good old days when minorities knew their place, it isn't surprising that "political correctness" is an ongoing subject of derision on Fox & Friends which sees "PC" as an infringement on free speech rather than a way to show sensitivity to race and gender issues. The curvy couch cretins actually agreed that things were so much better when people laughed at racial slurs. During the same segment, Brian "all terrorists are Muslims" Kilmeade lamented that women no longer appreciate being called "sweet broads." So it isn't surprising that Kilmeade, in keeping with Fox friend Tucker Carlson who says that the Redskins controversy is silly "PC," doesn't understand what the big deal is. In discussing this issue, on yesterday's Fox & Friends, Kilmeade, once again, demonstrated his cluelessness!

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