June 04, 2014

John Carlos denounces "Redskins"

John Carlos Stands Up to an NFL Slur

By Dave ZirinThe NFL may say officially that "Redskins" "is not a slur," but 1968 bronze medalist and medal-stand protester John Carlos, a man who has had more than a few invectives tossed his way over the years, disagrees.

Color me utterly unsurprised that Dr. Carlos called on Dan Snyder to change Washington's football team name.

Speaking to Mike Wise of The Washington Post, Carlos said:For tribes or reservations to say they're uncomfortable with you using that name, and then have players say they are just as uncomfortable, and the owner stands there, saying he'll never change the name? How do you get away with that?…. To this day, there has been no real negotiation or real listening and understanding that I know of.
Icon of Civil Rights Movement Says ‘Redskins’ Must Go

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