February 16, 2016

Evil spirits in The Darkness

Real Life Native American Demons Wreak Havoc In 'The Darkness'

By Jancy RichardsonYou guys. I'm super stoked to share this exclusive footage from Blumhouse Tilt's newest venture The Darkness with you. The horror powerhouse that brought The Purge, Insidious, The Conjuring, and Sinister into our lives is teaming up with Wolf Creek director Greg McLean to create The Darkness, a dark horror tale about an autistic kid unleashing something that should have been left in Native American history....

Check out the trailer for The Darkness (if you can handle tension)!

Comment:  I think we have a winner for the millionth movie to feature evil Indian spirits that come back to life. With an image of what looks like a Hopi snake dancer, something completely different that has nothing to do with evil spirits.

"They curse you"

More images suggest how the movie stereotypes Native culture and history as dark and accursed. A computer screen:

A girl with Native-style handprints:

And the Indians' evil spelled out:

I'm not sure anyone knows more about The Darkness than what's in the trailer. So we can't tell how stereotypical the movie is. But I'll stick with my rule of thumb: the stereotyping is always worse than what you see or hear initially.

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