May 25, 2016

Why won't Hollywood cast Asians?

Hollywood's practice of whitewashing characters is in the news again. This time, several major Asian characters have been turned white.

With non-Natives such as Johnny Depp and Taylor Lautner playing Native characters, the subject is highly relevant to this blog. Some analyses:

Why Won’t Hollywood Cast Asian Actors?

“More than just racism in movies”: Asian American protest #WhiteWashedOUT goes beyond Hollywood’s diversity fails

Dear white Hollywood: Here are 3 things you need to hear about your defensiveness on race

#StarringJohnCho highlights Hollywood's 'whitewashing'

Asian-American Actors Are Fighting for Visibility. They Will Not Be Ignored.

For more on the subject, see Diversity Lacking at 2016 Oscars and Asian Jokes at 2016 Oscars.

1 comment:

pat fisher said...

Hollywood people are too afraid to place people in roles who are not familiar. It seems nearly every single black male character goes to Morgan Freeman or Samuel Jackson, to name two of the big ones. It's just crazy and it happens across the board. Just a bunch of big chickens. Fortunately, China has a role in Hollywood and Chinese actors are being cast in Hollywood movies.

Much of what comes out of Hollywood is boring and predictable.