April 07, 2007

Mixing business and culture

Gaming trade show focuses on successes“You have people like Wes and I who are working our butts off trying to show the world that we are out there and giving a different perspective of who we are as Indian people,” Beach said. “And here you have this trade show that is also giving another perspective. And that perspective is that we are thriving. With us growing on a business level, we are also growing on a cultural level.”

Beach was a representative for Aruze gaming, a Japanese gaming company at the trade show. Beach said that he was proud to represent the company.

“They are here today and their traditions have always been to incorporate culture with businesses,” he said. “And here we are today to prove that; putting our culture together with business.”

Studi, who attended the conference to gain support for the Indigenous Language Institute, said he hopes that American Indian businesses that are doing well will be kind enough to give back to their communities, to help protect and honor their heritage and culture.

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