April 22, 2007

Reaction to SCALPED article

From an activist correspondent in response to Dueling Views on SCALPED:I think you nailed it. I agree with everything you said, however, the problems on some of those reservations in SD are really bad. The story as you have described it sounds like a conversation I have four or five times a week on the phone with members of a few tribes out there. However, as you so articulately said, they left out the balance, the other side of the story that all people experience, the sweetness, the beauty, the humor. For sure, as unbalanced as the storyline is, it will perpetuate distaste for Indians among the dominant culture. It plays on their worst fears and stereotypical opinions about Indians.Comment:  I've discussed the issue of balance before. See Dueling Views of the Blackfeet for more on the subject.

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