November 18, 2013

Zuckerberg's "Chief Running Site"

Mark Zuckerberg's Newest Immigration Advocate: "Chief Running Site"

By Sam BiddleMark Zuckerberg's pet lobbying group has a new CTO, Darius Contractor. Like any friend of Zuck's, Darius has an extensive back catalog of Facebook tags, including one in which he's dressed as an American Indian, standing before a "God Bless America" banner in front of a door on which a border crossing warning sign hangs. Immigration reform was a natural next step.And speaking of images, here are some: the pictures below are from an October 2006 costume party, around the time when Contractor was first employed at Bebo, the notoriously failed social network that fluffed his CV enough to be tapped for CTO today.

Comment:  For more on non-Indians in headdresess, see ESPN's Seminole Minstrel Show and H&M Removes Faux Headdresses and

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