December 15, 2013

Conservative vs. liberal Santa

Conservative Santa:

Helping children become men by cutting out the socialist "gifts" and giving them lumps of coal to inspire them! Thank you, conservative Santa!

And liberal Santa:


dmarks said...

The sack Santa carries is a pack of lies. The Bush tax plan, the typical conservative one promoted and preserved, was not a tax cut for the 1%. Most of the people affected by lower taxes were middle class, and they saved most of the money too. "Big Money Politics"... Obama is the one that ran and won the most expensive campaign ever. "Corporate subsidies"... something the Dems tend to favor and conservatives tend to oppose (TARP, bailouts, auto industry, green scam, etc). Bank bailouts? Obama is and was gung-ho on these. The Tea Party strongly opposes them.

That Santa must be Obama...

dmarks said...

And the second one... I have seen posted by conservatives in blogs and social media. This is the first time I've seen it labelled as "liberal".

Rob said...

For my response to your idiotic first comment, see:

Educating DMarks About Conservative Santa