December 12, 2013

Navajo time in Up All Night

An episode of the canceled comedy Up All Night, titled Hey Jealousy (airdate: 4/5/12) had another Native bit. Reagan and her co-worker Luke are talking awkwardly while they wait for a conference call. Reagan, who is almost babbling, says the following:REAGAN: Arizona doesn't observe daylight savings except for the Navajo Nation that's there. And I...tend to side with the Navajos. Because, say all you want...they were here first. We...took the land from them.Comment:  That's a reasonably accurate statement. Even though it's simple, it's not something you hear often on network TV.

This was at least the fourth mention of Natives on Up All Night, including two Native appearances. That's a fine record for a show that lasted only two seasons.

Below:  Christina Applegate, who played Reagan.

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