February 25, 2014

Stereotypical Indian Chief Robot

New Arrival Aluminum Indian Chief Robot Handmade Metal Robot Toy WSRB-004Zegapain

Is every imaginative guy dream

He is Optimus Prime and megatron!

He is shaped or predator!

They are armed to the teeth of the weapon equipment!

The mechanical structure of fine!

This series of manual robot will be the perfect combination of robot and the Chinese Kungfu culture.

rich in style, variety of weapons,

Realize your dream of intimate contact with robot.
Comment:  Note the headdress, the braids, and the weapon that evokes a tomahawk.

I imagine the wires lead to an electrical outlet, and the robot lights up when turned on.

I wouldn't mind if this toy were some random warrior--e.g., Zegapain. But it's labeled an "Indian chief" and described as a predator. That's stereotypical.

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