August 09, 2014

Natives protest Nugent in Sturgis

Michael Ballard Owner of Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis Says He Won't Invite Ted Nugent Back To Lakota-land

By Somos IndependentsTed Nugent is banned from performing at the Sturgis, South Dakota Full Throttle Saloon Bar moving forward.

Michael Ballard who has a net worth of $5 million dollars and owner of Full Throttle decided profits over principles in Lakota country in Sturgis, South Dakota. Pretty cheap and pathetic if you ask me. Even though he is a millionaire and could have done the right thing aside from the $150,000.00 he had his eyes on with the Ted Nugent concert, he is on record via Lakota Territory News TV where he states:

Nugent has made headlines recently after two casinos canceled concerts with him, citing racist remarks. The Full Throttle Saloon had Nugent on the schedule for the main stage Wednesday night. Local Native Americans gathered around the Saloon with signs to protest him.

James Swan, president of The Urban Warrior Society, says he's protesting Nugent over accusations that Nugent called natives 'unclean vermin.' "Ted Nugent, you're a slob. You're an evil, horrible being, and Native Americans don't want you to like us," said Swan. "We don't want you to wear our head dress, we don't want you to act like you're native, because you're not."
Smells Like Ted Nugent: Rocker Criticizes 'Stinkyass' Native Protesters

By Christina RoseProtesters came to Sturgis from almost all of the reservations in South Dakota, including Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Cheyenne River, Standing Rock, Crow Creek and Lower Brule as well as Rapid City. It went well, according to Doug Bissonette, Lakota, who drove up from Pine Ridge to attend. “It turned out pretty good, a lot of bikers gave us the thumbs up," Bissonette said. "The owner said he kind of regretted it (hiring Nugent) and wouldn’t do it in the future.”

Indeed, Full Throttle owner Michael Ballard stated that had he known sooner about the protest and comments Nugent has been making, he wouldn’t have booked him. But for financial reasons, the show would go on. "I can't turn around and walk away from $150,000," Ballard told KOTA. "I mean that's the nuts and bolts of it. Now that we're made aware of it, we'll listen to it next time."

The only reported negative incidents at the protest occurred when a jeep went by the protest and occupants called out, “FU!” to the protestors. “That and a couple of guys tried to come out of the concert to come after us, I think they were drunk,” Bissonette said.

James Swan, Lakota, founder of the United Urban Warrior Society of Rapid City, South Dakota, said people came from Wisconsin, as did a couple from Hawaii who were caravaning their way from Bear Butte, a sacred place of prayer that stands imposingly just two miles outside of Sturgis.

“There was a really good turnout,” Swan said. “My message to Nugent was, he is not welcome in Indian country. We asked him to quit wearing a headdress, and running around in a loincloth. Wearing the headdress and using foul language, it’s disgracing us. He just doesn’t get it, he said nobody minds if he wears the Green Bay Packers t-shirt.”

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