August 05, 2014

Vogue editor in a headdress

Anna Dello Russo Posts Photos Wearing A Native American Headdress

By Aimee HoeflerAnna Dello Russo, editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan, posted images to her Instagram account where she is wearing a Native American headdress.

As Stylecaster pointed out, for someone that is so in-tune with fashion and even fashion controversies, what could have been her thought behind posting these images?
Comment:  The article doesn't provide any clues about what she was thinking or whether she's aware of the controversy.

You'd think fashion people would be hip to the growing complaints about the misuse of Native headdresses. Instead, they seem to be more clueless than anyone.

Undoubtedly it's another case of white privilege in action. In their minds, these people don't follow trends. They do what they want and that becomes the trend.

Recall that these are the same people who hire predominantly white models. Who think "culture" means wearing tribal prints in some vaguely "wild" setting. Clearly they're as ignorant as the average person, if not more so.

For more on the subject, see Festival Bans Hipster Headdresses and SF Giants to Ban Headdresses?

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