August 11, 2014

Natives slam Steeves's comments

Spouse's comments spark big reaction

By Nick Martin and Randy TurnerManitoba Treaty Commissioner Jamie Wilson was stunned Friday by the comments posted on Facebook by Lorrie Steeves, wife of mayoral candidate Gord Steeves.

So were a lot of other people.

"I would never paint an entire ethnic group on the actions of one person--that's how racism starts," said the aboriginal educator, who works downtown. "I see racism as a huge part of the problem.

"It does nothing to help our city," said Wilson, especially coming the day after about 150 community leaders announced their annual sleepout to raise awareness about the homeless.

"I see the same four or five guys (downtown), I'm respectful to them, they're respectful to me," Wilson said.

As for Lorrie Steeves's apology: "I thought she was apologizing for being caught."
And:A lot of people commented on Facebook and Twitter:

Ryerson University Prof. Pam Palmater: "racist stereotyping hatred fails 2 reflect appreciation 4 her privileged life based on colonization n dispossesion of FNs"

Megan Benedictson: "The problem is with those who refuse to see all human beings as people."

Wab Kinew: "Tweet me when Gord Steeves does the right thing and drops out of the race."
Bannock lady challenges Gord Steeves, wife to help homeless

Aboriginal activists upset with Lorrie Steeves' 'drunken native guys' Facebook commentsGuiboche said Saturday Steeves' apology isn't good enough.

"Come and help me feed some of those people you called down," Guiboche said. "You know, I personally wouldn't want to go through what it takes to wind up on the street and keep surviving on the street."

Guiboche, who is known as the Bannock Lady because she regularly hands out food to Winnipeg's homeless, said she will be at the corner of Dufferin Avenue and Main Street Sunday at 3 p.m.

Guiboche said if the apology is sincere, Steeves should back it up with action.

"That's just completely abhorrent that somebody would post comments like this and then try to be professional after [by saying] 'Oh I'm sorry I said that.' No. No. It's too late for 'sorry.' You said it. It's out there."
Gord Steeves a no show at event to feed the homeless

But mayoral candidate says he will speak Tuesday, 4 days after wife's 'drunken native guys' comments

Homeless respond to Lorrie Steeves racist 'handout' comments

Mayoral candidate Gord Steeves’ wife Lorrie under fire for ‘drunken native’ Facebook statusGlenn Houle lives on Winnipeg’s streets and said Lorrie Steeves comments were ignorant.

Houle, who has struggled with addictions, is now sober.

He said Winnipeg’s homeless are desperate and vulnerable, and Lorrie Steeves should have more compassion.

“Try and stay on the street for a week and then you’ll find out how it is to be on the street with nowhere to go,” said Houle.
Steeves has duty to address wife's racist comment, Oullette says

Mayoral candidates addresses Lorrie Steeves 'drunken native' commentsCandidate Brian Bowman called her words deeply offensive, while Mike Vogiatzakis said the post was inappropriate and disgusting.

Vogiatzakis also called on Gord Steeves to speak on the matter.

On Monday, Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg's Damon Johnston also responded to Lorrie Steeves comments.

He said he emailed Steeves Monday morning asking him to resign his candidacy.

"Here's a person who seems highly educated, is a professional and is a spouse of someone seeking office in our country. You would think she'd know those kind of comments would hurt," said Johnston. "If individuals in your family are in the political arena, those kinds of statements are not acceptable in any way and they could be seriously damaging to his career."

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