August 03, 2014

"Super Savages and Sovereign Traces"

I went down to the University of Manitoba and conducted an interview about a course looking at Indigenous people in graphic novels. The course is called "Super Savages and Sovereign Traces: Introduction to Indigenous Graphic Novels."Comment:  The course uses Scalped, Cowboys & Aliens, and Tribal Force among other comics and graphic novels.

The video doesn't mention Peace Party or Blue Corn Comics--except in the image used to introduce the class. Based on that, I imagine Peace Party gets a few mentions in the class itself.

Niigaanwewidam Sinclair is the professor. I've talked to him a couple of times, and I helped him build the Mazinbiige comic-book collection. That collection came about after the class started, perhaps because the staff realized the need to have more comics on hand.

For more on Sinclair and his work, see "From Super-Chief to Tonto."

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