November 05, 2014

British model dresses as dead chief

Is This Model Wearing the Most Disgusting Native American Halloween Costume Ever?Leilani Dowding, a British model who appeared on the 2011 VH-1 reality series Tough Love Miami, has worn what may be the most offensive Native American Halloween costume we've seen.

Dowding posted photos of herself in the shocking outfit to her Facebook page. The garments and accessories are typically trivializing of a living culture that remains sacred to many Natives—as we've discussed often, the wearing of a warbonnet-style feather headdress on Halloween is appropriation of a deeply meaningful object for an essentially meaningless occasion.

With the makeup, though, Dowding has taken a run-of-the-mill offensive look to a new level of cultural and historical insult. Nearly half her face is covered in fake blood; a patch of the oozy red stuff runs from her hairline to her chin, and fingers of it drip down her neck and onto her chest.

In the photos' caption, she provides an explanation of her getup, and a reassurance to some who might find the image disturbing:

"I just got massacred by a cowboy. Note Fur is FAKE!!!"

That's right, she has dressed as Genocide for Halloween, and she wants her fans to know that no animals were harmed.
If you're wondering who she is, she has her own Wikipedia page:

Leilani DowdingLeilani Dowding (born 30 January 1980) is an English former Page 3 girl, glamour model, television celebrity, and the UK representative at Miss Universe 1998.

Dowding grew up in Bournemouth, and has a younger sister Melanie. They were brought up Roman Catholic by their Filipina mother Zena, and British father Chris.


Dowding soon posted the following "apology" on Facebook:Sorry if I offended anyone with my halloween costume. I had no idea that a head dress and face paint would get the same kind of horrible negative reactions that I would expect wearing a swastika or dressing as hitler would receive.. I'm aware of the genocide and have always sided with the natives who were here 1st.. I would have thought dressing as a bloody cowboy would be far more offensive... I thought the purpose of halloween is to remember all the dead.. Thank you for the news article bringing. The Filipino genocide to my attention, I am embarrassed to say I didn't know about it. I wish I had and I would probably have gone as that so that more of my friends are aware of what has been swept under the carpetTo which people responded:Clearly you missed the point if you thought "dressing up" as a Filipino would have been a better costume. "Dressing up" as any culture is wrong. Period. And that whole "bring awareness" mumbo jumbo is stinks of bull shit.

You're definitely not understanding the magnitude of your choice.

After all that has been said how can you say 'Sorry if I offended anyone'. Of course you have offended, hurt, degraded and butchered the Aboriginal culture around the world. There is no sincerity in your apology. I will say that at least you have embarrassed yourself by not knowing your own heritage. You are a beautiful, sad little woman.
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