January 19, 2015

Pixie Lott in a headdress

Pixie Lott branded 'ignorant' for wearing Native American headdress to celebrate her 24th

By Jessica EarnshawPIXIE Lott has found herself in hot water with fans after celebrating her 24th birthday with a cowboys and Indians-themed party in London.

The hitmaker was criticised after posting a snap of her Native American headdress on both her Twitter and Instagram page on Saturday evening.

The blonde beauty captioned the picture, which saw her eye-catching red and striped feathers in her hair: "Tiger Lily is out to play tonight for final BDAY celebrations with @joemowles… Thanks to @emmabrizzie #MAC #cowboys #indians."

However followers were quick to respond. One user wrote: "Disgusting. Ignorance at its best right here", and: "Treating genocide as your birthday theme? Come on.

Another Twitter fan added: "Please delete this, this is offensive," while another sarcastic comment read: "Wowww cuz dressing up as people who have been wipped out is soooo cool.

"Why don't you dress up as the slaves next! Let's have a slave themed party!"(Sic)
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UK Celebrity You've Never Heard of Apologizes for American Indian Costume

"I did see [the responses], and I am honestly so sorry if I offended anyone, it was never intended to happen," Lott told an OK! interviewer. "I apologize but I honestly meant it as an innocent thing," she added.