March 01, 2015

The political Spock

Posted on February 27, the day Leonard Nimoy died:

Today we're all Vulcan. Except Republicans. They're Romulan.

I was going to say Ferengi, but I think Romulan is more apt.

Ferengi is like the libertarian sub-class of the galaxy. Making money off people's backs without noticing that the imperial stormtroopers are threatening to take over and put everyone who disobeys in death camps.

Talkin' about Spock

This led to the following discussion:Suliban.I suspect no conservatives are mourning Leonard Nimoy's death. Because that would mean acknowledging science.

Can you imagine what Mr. Spock would say about those who deny evolution and believe in angels? "Even for your species, Captain, these people are infantile."Science has its flaws as well.Yes, but liberals embrace the scientific process, flaws and all. Conservatives don't.I embrace life. Even evolution starts at a creation point. Which nobody will ever know.I don't think Spock ever took a position on God or creation. He understood that science and religion were two different fields. Unlike today's conservatives, that is.

In fact, his credo of IDIC is the liberal credo. Which is why liberals are mourning Nimoy and conservatives aren't.Dominion.I'm not clear on the differences between the Romulans and the lesser of the "evil" races. So I'm going with the classic choice.

An illogical Republican

Then I tweeted the following:

Conservatives denounce IDIC as socialist Kenyan Muslim propaganda--fail to realize it comes from a 1960s TV show. #RIP #LiveLongandProsper

‪#‎RepublicanSpock‬ says: Scientists like me are evil. We falsify our results for personal gain. Don't trust us; trust the Ferengi instead.

I wouldn't have thought anyone was dumb enough to contradict this. But one Republican dared to claim Spock:

No, GOP Rep. Bill Post, Mr. Spock Was Not A Republican (VIDEO)

By Wendy GittlesonOregon Rep. Bill Post (R) says he is Oregon’s biggest Star Trek fan. On the floor of the Oregon Legislature, Post delivered a tribute to Nimoy, but unlike President Obama’s tribute, Post’s was self-serving and political.

“Today,” Post said, “is a sad day in history. Today, the greatest Republican in the history of the galaxy, passed away. He was a legal alien who believed in prosperity.”

Wow, someone seriously thought Nimoy was or Spock would be a Republican? How stupid and illogical can you get?

While you're at it, tell us how George Takei, gay activist, and Nichelle Nichols, friend of Martin Luther King Jr., are also Republicans.

Spock "believed in prosperity"...why, because he dedicated his life to working as a scientist and ambassador in the Federation government? Because he had zero interest in anything but pursuing truth and justice? Because he led a monkish lifestyle and literally dressed like a monk later in life?

The Federation doesn't even use money. It freely gives food and medicine to planets in need. If anything, it's pure socialism in action. Presumably its citizens, including Spock, believe in its socialist-democratic model.

This is right up there with claiming King was a Republican. There's no better proof that Republicans are self-deluded idiots.

As for Nimoy, he's a Jew who did a play about a homosexual relationship in prison. Who photographed a series on women's body issues. He's like the least Republican person ever.

Commenters rip Rep. Post

The commenters on YouTube ripped Post to pieces:I don't get how Spock could be a Republican. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" doesn't sound very conservative to me. Spock was anti-war, pro-science and pro-evolution. Spock seemed fine in the socialist Star Trek universe, where there is no money, no poverty, and universal health care. And if you think the Federal Government is too big now, wait till you see the United Federation of Planets!

Uh no. Leonard Nimoy was a lifelong Democrat and Spock was a socialist but thanks for reminding people how clueless the GOP is and how quickly Republicans and conservatives with capitalize on someone's misfortune in order to make their own.

Appropriate, since you live in a fantasy. I attended a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer that Leonard Nimoy spoke at. He invoked his most famous character many times in regards to debunking GOP policies on the environment and other topics. FYI, there was universal healthcare in Starfleet.

Nimoy was a Democrat. Star Trek is what perfect socialism would look like.
Duh. You'd have to be a complete ignoramus, the opposite of a Star Trek fan, to think Nimoy was a Republican. Such idiocy does not compute.

For more on the subject, see Leonard Nimoy Dies.

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