September 15, 2015

Acadian singer's stereotypical music video

Natasha St-Pier faces backlash over First Nation-themed music video

Some say Acadian singer's music video is rife with stereotypes depicting First Nations peopleNew Brunswick entertainer Natasha St-Pier has brought attention to her Acadian roots with her new music video, Tous Les Acadiens, but the attention hasn't been positive.

The video, which includes 34-year-old St-Pier sporting a full headdress, dream catchers and the singer paddling a birch canoe, has been criticized by René Cormier, president of the Société nationale de l'Acadie (SNA).

"Despite all the efforts we do, we continue to convey these kind of clichés," Cormier told Radio-Canada on Monday.

Rife with stereotypes depicting aboriginal culture in Canada, the video also includes children in paper headdresses dancing around a teepee.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see and Rod Stewart's Daughter in a Headdress.

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