September 02, 2015

Denali name change = political attack?

A conservative friend wondered why liberals didn't demand a name change for Yukon's Mt. Kennedy. Thereby implying that changing "Mt. McKinley" to Denali was a liberal attack on conservatives. In a Facebook debate, I took a few minutes to rip this claim to shreds:

You are aware that this move was led by two Republicans, right? You've actually read an article on the subject and aren't simply repeating something stupid you heard on Faux News...right?Have you ever heard of something called "regional pride"?Have you heard of the word "nonresponsive"? Try addressing my point about this change being led by Republicans if you're not too afraid of getting your butt kicked.

You mean the regional pride Alaska Natives feel for Denali? What other regional pride is more relevant than that in Alaska?

If Ohioans want to rename their highest mountain, no one's stopping them. Why aren't you proposing that solution if "regional pride" is your concern?

This is yet another example of why we correctly label Republicans "racists." Because you have no argument that doesn't amount to "white people are more important than others."I don't have any strong feelings about this one way or the other. But, then again, I am from California. Alaska Republicans would favor the change as it plays up their local history, Ohio Democrats would oppose it as it messes with their local history.Again, nonresponsive. Republicans are the ones who responded to Alaskan regional pride and restored the name they've used for their mountain for decades. This has nothing to do with Obama or liberal politics.

Your comments are also nonresponsive to the issue of why Alaskans or anyone should care about Ohio's regional pride. Ohioans can change a name in their own backyard if they want to honor someone. Otherwise, they can shut up. What Alaskans do in Alaska is none of their business.

Meanwhile, you have no feelings...but you're trying to imply that Obama was targeting a "Republican" mountain for some reason. Regardless of your lack of feelings, your implication is stupid and ignorant. I suggest you educate yourself so I don't have to keep noting your stupidity.

For more on Denali, see Republicans Protest Denali Name Change and Ohioans Protest Denali Name Change.

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