September 03, 2015

Let's rename Ohio's tallest mountain

In response to Ohioans and Republicans crying over the Denali name change, I tweeted the following:

To Ohioans who want to honor President McKinley, name your own damn mountain, hill, or bump in the road after him. ‪#‎Denali‬ ‪#‎whiteprivilege‬

This led to the following discussion:I had to look at this twice. I saw "damn mountain or pimple."It was a tough choice between landfill, pitcher's mound, and bump in the road. I figure one of these may be the tallest place in Ohio.

I think they're jealous because the West has real mountains.It's a weird reaction. You would think somebody literally came waltzing into their backyard and started carving up one of their sacred mountains. Oh wait, nevermind, that would have been different.

Maybe they should build themselves a new mountain and call it Sour Grapes Hill.
Does Ohio need a capital named for Columbus? Change the name of something, anything, in your own stupid state if you seriously want to honor McKinley. Stop imposing your white privilege on people who don't want it.Right? And six billion high schools named after the guy isn't enough?The first 40 presidents may be the most memorialized people in America. Maybe the world if you exclude a few icons such as Jesus and Mary, Columbus, and Mao (?).

That white Americans need their mountains, mascots, and flags to validate themselves tells us how weak and needy they are. They're exactly like spoiled toddlers when their baby toys are taken away.

P.S. In response to this tweet:Melody McKiver ‏@IndigenousXca
We should all travel across the world and name sacred sites in europe after random ndns
I wrote:

Mt. Olympus is now Wakan Tanka. Stonehenge is now the Great Medicine Wheel. The Matterhorn is now Mt. Deloria. Etc.

For more on Denali, see Denali Name Change = Political Attack? and Trump Vows to Restore "McKinley".

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