September 07, 2015

More places to be renamed

4 Other Mountains Native Americans Would Like to Rename

Beyond Denali, will these famous peaks have their indigenous names restored?

By Brian Clark Howard
Some Native Americans have asked that the indigenous names of these peaks also be officially restored:

Devil’s Tower
Harney Peak
Mt. Rainier
Mt. St. Helens
Beyond Denali: 5 renamable American landmarks

By Nick KirkpatrickThe White House took an important step toward improving relations with Native Americans, who are used to having their mountains and lakes renamed. Here are five more well-known American landmarks that theoretically could be rechristened.

Mount Rushmore
Block Island
Mount St. Helens
Mount Rainier
Lake Superior
6 More Landmarks That Should Have Their Indigenous Names Restored

Admittedly, some of them might be a bit harder to pronounce than "Denali."

By Julian Brave NoiseCat
[W]hat if the president used his executive power to restore the indigenous names of other monuments, parks and places?

Here are six places across the country ready to get the Denali treatment.

Devil’s Tower
Grand Canyon
Mount St. Helens
Mount Rainier
Harney Peak
And some of the history and philosophy behind the name changes:

Denali and America's Long History of Using (or Not Using) Indian Names

In restoring the Athabaskan name to the country’s highest mountain, President Obama is among those who have wrestled with the issue

By Doug Herman
The romantic Indian of yore may never go away from American culture. But in the 21st century, the American search for identity has a postmodern instability that includes an increasing recognition that Indians are alive and well and often want their land back. Scholarship on Indians that does not involve Indians is now problematic. The use of Indians as sports mascots is being replaced. Most importantly, Indians themselves are going through old records and using GIS to remap lost place names. A new conversation on Indian place names is taking place, one that may see another resurgence of native toponymy.Comment:  For more on the subject, see Time to Rename Mt. Rainier? and Conservative Freakout Over Denali = Racism.

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