June 09, 2014

Redskins hire K Street lobbyist

Washington Redskins hire lobbyist

By Byron TauThe Washington Redskins has brought in K Street reinforcements amid a major political fight brewing over the team’s name.

The team hired McGuireWoods Consulting in late May, according to newly-filed lobbying disclosures.

The hire of a major K Street firm came just one week after 50 Democratic senators sent a letter to the National Football League asking the league to formally support a change in the Redskins name. “The N.F.L. can no longer ignore this and perpetuate the use of this name as anything but what it is: a racial slur,” the senators wrote.

McGuireWoods will work on “discussions of team origins, history and traditions, Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and youth sports, activities of Original Americans’ Foundation,” according to the disclosure.
Redskins hire D.C. lobbyist to convince you that their racist name isn’t racist

By Robyn PennacchiaTo put it mildly, the Washington Redskins have not had the best PR lately. Mostly because pretty much everyone thinks it’s gross that their team name is a super tacky racial slur and would really prefer that they just freaking change it already. However, Dan Snyder and crew really don’t want to change their name, and would really prefer that everyone just change their mind about it being racist or just let them have this one racist thing because it is all they have. You know, other than piles of money, which they cry themselves to sleep on every night because we hurt their feels.

We have mocked them on social media and antisocial media. 50 Senators signed a letter asking the NFL to change their name, and the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation has bought airtime during the NBA finals to air this ad protesting the name.

And yet, they still think they have a chance to change the nations hearts and minds. To get them to embrace the racism rather than deride it. Which is why they’ve gone and hired K Street lobbyists McGuirreWoods Consulting to help them improve their image without changing their name, and to handle “discussions of team origins, history and traditions, Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and youth sports, activities of Original Americans’ Foundation.”

What, at this point, could a lobbying firm even do for them? They would literally have to find a way to make that word not insulting or a slur to people, and it’s just not possible for that to happen.
Political Animals and the Fight Over 'Redskins'

By Kavitha A. DavidsonNot to be outdone in the political maneuvering, however, Redskins owner Dan Snyder has enlisted his own group of Washington insiders to defend his team's racism--I mean, preserve its history. Aside from Snyder's contributing to Senator Warner's campaign--money well spent, clearly--Redskins president and general manager Bruce Allen sent a note of his own to Goodell explaining that the term "redskins" was originally used to express solidarity among the various native tribes. Funny, because the main thing the multifaction group seems to exhibit solidarity over is a fervent opposition to the slur. Incidentally, Bruce Allen's brother is George Allen, a former U.S. senator from Virginia and partner at McGuireWoods. Their father, George Allen Sr., coached the Washington Redskins in the 1970s and is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Defending the team's cultural insensitivity is a family affair.Comment:  Can you say "desperation"? Why else would the Redskins take this step after explaining itself and courting the codetalkers and creating a foundation. Clearly their previous steps haven't worked and they're feeling the pressure.

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