September 01, 2015

Republicans protest Denali name change

I accompanied the news about the Denali name change with a sarcastic comment: Why does Obama hate America so much? Because it was obvious that's how brain-dead conservatives would react. And because they're as predictable as crybabies without their bottles, they did.

Conservative Heads Explode After Obama Renames Nation’s Tallest Mountain

Karl Rove was the first contender for stupidest white-man response to the Denali name change:

Karl Rove: Obama Wouldn't Be President If McKinley Hadn't Annexed HawaiiRepublican strategist Karl Rove said Monday that President Obama should be "more gracious" to the man whose name he just stripped from North America's tallest peak.

After all, Rove told Time magazine, it was President McKinley's administration that annexed Hawaii, making it possible for Obama to be President.
In related news, an infinite number of other events also made it possible for Obama to become president. Like a speck of dust caused Obama's father to blink and miss seeing Obama's mother. Pay more respect to that speck of dust, President Obama!

Sheesh. What's the "gracious" way to rename a mountain, pray tell? Give us some examples of name changes that were done "graciously" even though you didn't like them.

Obama hates Republicans?

But with all the bigots in today's Republican Party, Rove's mild complaint about graciousness couldn't stand as the most extreme:

Conservative Radio Host Says Obama Changed Mt. McKinley's Name Because He Hates White Republicans

American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer complained on Monday that President Obama thinks "America is bad and everybody else is good."

By Justin Baragona
The former American Family Association spokesman said the following on his show:

“Why would Obama do this? Well, there’s a very simple reason: President McKinley was a Republican and he was American and he was white. So he was all the things that President Obama has such a visceral distaste for. In his worldview, America is bad and everybody else is good, Republican is bad, everybody else is good and so forth.”

It should be noted that Republicans from Alaska have not only commended Obama for his decision but were key in pushing forward legislation to make the change. The state’s two Republican Senators, Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, sponsored a bill to change the federal designation. Meanwhile, the state’s governor, another GOPer, applauded the President for officially changing the mountain’s name.

But, none of that matters to right-wingers like Fischer. Any chance to whine about the current black usurper of the White House, you take it! In fact, he loved his line so much about Obummer hatin’ ‘Murica that he also tweeted it out.

Name change = "assassination"?

Unfortunately for Fischer and Rove, Laura Ingraham--or at least her website--took the prize for extremism:

Laura Ingraham's Website: 'McKinley Assassinated Again' By Obama Decision

By Sara JerdeThe post carried the headline "McKinley Assassinated Again" and the subhead "Obama changes mountain's name as erasure of our history continues." It included a bad photoshop image of Obama crossing out a sign that read "Mt. McKinley (American Heritage)" with red spray paint.

Jon Conradi, Lifezette's director of audience engagement, whose LinkedIn page also identifies him as a former communications director for the U.S. House as well as a Republican operative, wrote the post.
And:Conradi continued:The forces of political correctness wish to return America to a blank slate from which they can color the canvass of the future with their progressive vision of society defined by sexuality, secularism, and government dependence. But first they need to get all that pesky history, and proud American heritage, out of the way. President McKinley is their latest victim.

The peak was named after McKinley during his first candidacy for the presidency in 1896 and was officially minted Mount McKinley by President Wilson in 1917 to memorialize the president and his historic administration. The president has found greater cause with politically correct forces who believe the peak’s moniker was offensive to Native Americans, who knew the summit as Denali.
Actually, Natives still know the mountain as Denali. As do most Alaskans, including its Republican senators. Which is why they all wanted the original name restored. It had nothing to do with McKinley or Obama's wishes and everything to do with Alaska's heritage.

Which is something Republicans supposedly believe in--states' rights, local control, etc.--when they're not raving hypocrites. Unfortunately, they're raving hypocrites all the time, as this issue proves.

I assume someone posted the following as a spoof of right-wing ignorance. But I gather some right-wing ignoramuses took it seriously. Enough so that Snopes had to post an explanation, believe it or not.

Good God...right-wingers are stupid.

For more on Denali, see Ohioans Protest Denali Name Change and Obama Renames Mount McKinley.

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