April 08, 2007

Skywalk's view is "gorgeous"

A breathtaking new view of Grand Canyon

Pass this test of nerves and be rewarded with a spectacular vistaThe cliff descended several hundred feet before it hit a narrow boulder-strewn shelf. Then it was straight down again, past a rainbow of strata, a few more chiseled ledges and into a dark crevice at the bottom.

This must be what Wile E. Coyote sees, I thought, just before gravity takes hold and he plummets into a little cartoon poof.

Far to the left, I could see ripples in the Colorado River. To the right was the triangular dip in the canyon wall that looks like the outstretched wings of a bird and gives this place its name: Eagle Point.

It was gorgeous.


Rob said...

This was an Associated Press story, and I believe it's appeared in many newspapers already.

Rob said...

This writer clearly thought the view was gorgeous despite the rocks 400 ft. below. Tourists can accept his opinion or search for other opinions on this site or on the Web.