January 20, 2013

Chickasaw trombonist plays with Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Young Chickasaw Trombonist Performs with Chicago Symphony OrchestraWhen 12 year-old Chickasaw Steven Warren first picked up a trombone, he had little idea how music would shape his life.

Now a 23 year old graduate student at Northwestern University, Mr. Warren is working hard to make his dreams come true.

Playing with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for nine days last spring and again during Thanksgiving were major highlights in his life.

One of his teachers at Northwestern invited him to participate.

“Chicago Symphony has always been the ensemble I have looked up to and being asked by my teacher to play in the ensemble was a dream come true,”
Steven Warren said.

“It was amazing.”

The request was unique, considering only one or two Northwestern students each year are asked to perform with the Symphony.
Comment:  For more on Indians and orchestras, see Tate's Music Expresses Native Pride and Boise Philharmonic's Sacred Land.

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dmarks said...

Ummm.. Anon, you might be thinking of a trumpet. It has buttons. Trombones do not have buttons.