January 27, 2013

Report documents right-wing terrorism

Right-wing terrorism is real

Backlash to a new West Point study on domestic extremism exposes the depths of conservatives' denial

By David Sirota
There are four revealing stories to be gleaned from the Aggrieved Conservative Backlash™ to an exhaustive and sober new West Point Combating Terrorism Center report on “Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right.” (For a more grass roots-y look at how hysterical and viral that backlash is, see some choice tweets here.)

First, there is the obvious lesson about double standards. When the government accuses a Muslim group of being a national security threat, conservatives are quick to applaud and demand immediate (often violent) action, without regard for the whole “innocent until proven guilty” stuff. By contrast, when the government accuses an ideologically right-wing group of being a similarly dangerous threat, many of the same conservatives suddenly play the victim card, insisting that the Big Bad Government is wrongly demonizing them.

Second, the backlash tells the story of how priorities abruptly change when the context shifts. Again, when the government accuses a Muslim group of posing a threat, the substance of the accusations (how much of a threat? what is the operational capacity of the threat? etc.) are typically received by conservatives as serious national security issues. But when far right groups are labeled a threat, many conservatives’ first reflex is to defend the accused and wholly ignore the substance of the accusations no matter how well documented those accusations are (and say what you will about the West Point report’s conclusions, its supporting evidence is most certainly well-documented).
Comment:  The common denominator between this posting and others in Newspaper Rock is this:

According to most Americans, the terrorists are always "them": "foreigners" such as Indians, Commies, and Muslims. The terrorists are never "us": good white Euro-Christians. "We" don't do barbaric things like killing innocent civilians. "They" do.

This report explodes that notion by documenting America's right-wing terrorism. And rather than admit that good white Euro-Christians are terrorists too, conservatives try to deny and squelch the report. They can't handle the truth.

For more on terrorism, see Morris Mirror: Natives = "Terrorists" and Alcaraz's "Twin Tipis" Cartoon.

Below:  Tim McVeigh's right-wing bombing in Oklahoma City.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I value your opinion sir.. However, I think it's a bold stretch to say we are all the same. Much the same as if I were to compare you to Extremist factions of "your own party". Frankly, I have no desire for side bashing. I think it's immature and there are many more important things actually worth my time. [Than to degrade another based on political affiliation].
The real problem with the U.S. as a whole can be broken down into several groups; however, one of which I'd like to highlight here.
While our country is being brought to it's knees (very painfully I might add), we (majority) are too busy choosing sides to see the walls falling apart around us. We're all better than that. Each side proclaims "Wake up America!".. Well, America, this is THE wake up call. The call is not to stand more left or right.. The call is for us to stand United once more. We cannot fix the problem if we are part of the problem.

Have I been guilty of this? Absolutely! It's a nasty plague that has manifested and consumed almost all of us. There are extremists --> ANYWHERE <-- you can go.. In any walk of life or affiliation.. Being wholly negative toward another group and judging them as such, generally has a name associated to it.. Be it bigotry, racism, sexism, antisemitism etc etc.

In closing, I bed of you not to put a label to a political affiliation that is unjust and untrue. I am a proud and hard working Conservative American. I honor my wife and my children and am more than grateful for what I do have. I find what McVeigh and other terrorists have done is deplorable, despicable and outright dastardly... But don't compare him to myself.. Not others either.. That's a crime against humanity itself.

Thank you!