September 27, 2014

Cultural Appropriation Cat

Helpful hints for would-be anti-racist, Indigenous Solidarity activists, by Josdadalv

By Kathryn Price NicDhànaIf your "Indigenous Solidarity" group has no NDNs in it; if you have to work Real Hard to find an NDN person, any NDN person, to come speak to your group; and this search involves sending way-too-personal messages to strangers on the Internet... you have a problem.

If the members of your all-white group think they are showing "solidarity" by speaking in a subcultural patois of Newage Bafflegab crossed with TontoSpeak... you have a problem.

If your all-white, "Indigenous Solidarity" group has been meeting for six months and still hasn't met any NDNs... really, you guys have a problem.
Comment:  The points above are useful and you should read the whole thing. But I really like this posting because of the attached photo (below).

This is how it seems when non-Indians (mascot lovers, Boy Scouts and Y-Indian Guides, college boys and girls, hipsters and festival goers, models and actors, New Agers, Euro hobbyists, and wannabes with a tiny fraction of "Cherokee" blood) pretend to be Indians. They think they're honoring Indians, but the "honor" is ridiculous and insulting. It's about as genuine as this cat in antlers.

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