April 13, 2015

Indian movies created Hollywood

From The Only Good Indian: The Hollywood Gospel by Ralph and Natasha Friar:

The industry began in New York with Thomas Edison and his competitors. But seven companies formed the Motion Picture Patents Co, aka the "Trust," to maintain total control of the film industry. The book continues:In 1909, movie companies had to contend with the ever increasing pressure of the Patents Co., compelling them to shoot in places further away from New York.For example, one company had to sneak out of New York City to the small town of Neversink in the Catskills to make an Indian movie.

But sunny California was beckoning. Among other ways, with a sign that said: "Welcome to Los Angeles! The Moving Picture Paradise! 350 Good Shooting Days out of 365!"Soon there were over a dozen companies located in Hollywood and the majority of them were shooting Westerns. In 1911, The Moving Picture World commented: "Los Angeles and vicinity have acquired their reputation in the production of Western and Indian pictures. Here, of all places, is the ideal location for the production of such films."From that I conclude that America's fascination was a primary factor in the creation of Hollywood. Without Indians, the film industry might've grown up anywhere, fragmented into little fiefdoms. Kind of as it is now with filming going on in LA, Vancouver, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, Toronto, and so forth.

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