June 13, 2015

Making sense of Rachel Dolezal

Some postings on the subject of Rachel Dolezal, the white woman pretending to be black and Native:

How to make sense of Rachel Dolezal, the NAACP official accused of passing for black

Why Comparing Rachel Dolezal To Caitlyn Jenner Is Detrimental To Both Trans And Racial ProgressAs a white woman, Dolezal retains her privilege; she can take out the box braids and strip off the self-tanner and navigate the world without the stigma tied to actually being black. Her connection to racial oppression is something she has complete control over, a costume she can put on--and take off--as she pleases.Anderson Cooper and guests rip Rachel Dolezal for passing herself off as black: ‘The height of arrogance’“She was one of the people who said the Black Lives Matter movement needs to be led and directed by black people [and that] outsiders should not be there,” Hill said. “It’s the height of arrogance to say that and mendacity to say that at the very same time that you’re actually white in the middle of it.”Civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal misrepresented herself as black, claim parents

Spokane NAACP president’s biological parents say daughter is not African American, but German and Czech with traces of Native AmericanDolezal does not discuss her own ethnicity in detail in her numerous writings on civil rights issues, but in several pieces she uses idioms such as “our cultural memory” when speaking about African American history.14 Amazing Lies Told By Rachel Dolezal, The White Professor Who Identifies As Black

The Reactions To Rachel Dolezal's Lie That Get It Right

Comment:  Most articles have devoted a sentence or two to her Native claims. They're kind of a clincher that Dolezal didn't just drift into a "black" identity. Rather, she was consciously constructing herself as an exotic "other." Someone who deserved her activist positions because of all she's been through--the ghetto and the rez.

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