January 23, 2009

Piraro reports on Eiteljorg trip

Dan Piraro, creator of the Bizarro newspaper strip, reports on his visit to the Eiteljorg Museum this weekend. A couple of highlights and lowlights:

Indy BlogosphereGood: The Eiteljorg Museum is much larger and of higher quality than I expected. Before I came, I figured it to be some small, 7/11-sized outfit in a strip mall with a few tomahawks, moccasins and cowboy paintings. In truth, the architecture of the impressively enormous building is top notch, and the immense collection of art and artifacts inside is astounding.Also Good: I found out from this old Indian print that I might have some Native American blood in me. I may even be the descendant of a chief. Very cool.Comment:  Oddly, I don't find Piraro's pretending to be an Indian at all "cool" or funny. I guess that's why he's the big-name cartoonist and I'm not.

For more on the subject, see Native Comic Strips vs. Comic Books.

Below:  More of Piraro's Native-themed "humor." Stereotypical Plains Indians...too stupid to notice the oncoming traffic...ho-hum.

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