July 20, 2007

Knowledgeable or naive?

Conversation with a German Hobby IndianThere was a man standing in front of me in the Wied-Neustadt Pow wow Grand Entry, he was dressed in the Men's Southern Traditional Style. He turned to me, looked me up and down, and smiled, after his smile he asked. "Is that a Crow style or an Iroquois style head-gear that you're wearing?"

"Cree-style," I said.

"Would that be Plains Cree, Woodland Cree or Montagnais Cree?"

"Plains Cree," I reply, hoping that I passed this unexpected multiple guess quiz.
On the other hand:"Do you believe in the Native American Church?"

"Umm, no." I say.

"Why not, it's the religion of the American Indians." he says, tossing in another banking term.

"Well umm, not my Indians."

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