July 06, 2015

Superficial symbols = deep values

White Southern hate, stripped bare for all to see

As a nation finally confronts the truth about the Confederate flag, we join together to tear a hateful symbol down

By Heather Cox Richardson
The fight over the Confederate battle flag may change the course of a generation of American politics. The flag is not simply about race. It is about the nature of the American government. These two fundamental American issues cannot be separated today any more than they could 150 years ago. Does the federal government have the power to promote the good of all Americans, as Abraham Lincoln insisted? Or is the nation, in fact, a loose confederation of states that can do as they wish, without worrying about treating everyone equally?Comment:  Exactly. Every battle about a symbol is actually a battle about our core values. Displaying a cross = are we a Christian or secular nation? Gay marriage = is the Bible or the Constitution our source of law? Indian mascot = did we commit genocide and must we atone for it?

If a symbol is just a symbol, then replacing your Confederate flag or Indian mascot with a substitute should be no problem. The fact that it is a problem for you proves it's more than a symbol.

For more on the Confederate flag, see Redskins Mascot = Confederate Flag and Confederate Flag vs. Other Flags.

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