February 27, 2007

Youngblood's many influences

Youngblood takes home her second GRAMMYYoungblood described the entire album as “very eclectic and versatile.”

“You can't really put my music in a box,” she added.

And she's right. While most of the pieces encompass the melody of the contemporary Native flute, there's also the noticeable influence of the classical flute, jazz and blues. Additionally, the song “Dance With Me” has a playful, Celtic sounding beat.

Youngblood, of Aleut and Seminole ancestry, was adopted and raised by non-Native parents. They inspired her to classically train on multiple instruments. She began with piano lessons at age 6 and classical flute lessons when she was 10. She also managed to squeeze violin lessons into her busy schedule, and later taught herself how to play the guitar--all as a pre-teen.

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