October 28, 2008

Red people flee Red Planet

Beyond Mars: Crimson Fleet (Paperback)Product Description

The year is 2152. Martian colonists are faced with a drastic choice, remain on a slowly dying Mars or frantically fight their way out of the solar system in an escalating battle against the forces of their hated overlord, the Earth. The grim reality leaves most colonists reeling in a state of shock as they board waiting vessels to take them elsewhere into uncertainty. This is the opening of R.G. Risch's Beyond Mars: Crimson Fleet, a whirlwind of a science fiction novel.

Throughout Beyond Mars: Crimson Fleet, readers follow the harrowing exploits of the Martian space destroyer Crazy Horse, commanded by an audacious naval captain, Richard Wakinyan, and his friend, First Lieutenant James Randall. Together with other Martian ships, the Crazy Horse battles against the most powerful and feared Earth armada in existence, the Crimson Fleet, seeking to destroy their evil pursuer, Admiral Selena Darius. But the outcome hangs in the balance as Admiral Darius proves herself to be a most ruthless and cunning opponent; one who has no problem in obliterating any obstacle that stands in her way.

Beyond Mars: Crimson Fleet is based on actual historic naval clashes with accurate visions of tomorrow's technology. By any standard, it is one of the best action-packed and explosive science fiction thrillers, which deals with the never ending conflict between good and evil as well as man's will to survive.
Reader ReviewsThis is one hell of a story! It takes place about 150 years from now with the Martians in rebellion against Earth. From the very beginning to the very end, it is non-stop action! But it goes beyond that! The author is extremely clever in his use of technology and actual space scenery and how he weaves them into the story. Characters are three-dimensional people who I loved to meet. My particularly favorites are Captain Wakinyan, the audacious commander of the space destroyer "Crazy Horse," and Tara, the mutant telepath woman, who wind up falling for each other in the end. The book is definitely different, but if you love Star Trek, its a "gotta get"!Comment:  For more on the subject, see The Best Indian Books.

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