January 11, 2009

Obama = Israel's "house servant"?

Russell Means:  Breaking the silence on ObamaAmerican Indian activist Russell Means said President-elect Obama was selected by the colonial powers as president to improve the US image globally in the aftermath of George Bush. Further, Means said Obama’s appointments show that he is a Zionist controlled by Israel. Speaking on Red Town Radio today, Means said what is happening now to Palestinians is what happened to American Indians.

“Every policy the Palestinians are now enduring was practiced on the American Indian,” Means said on the Blog Talk Radio show, hosted by Brenda Golden, Muskoke Creek. “What the American Indian Movement says is that the American Indians are the Palestinians of the United States, and the Palestinians are the American Indians of the Middle East,” Means said. Further, he points out that the Zionists who control Israel now control the United States. “The power of the US in world politics diminishes every day.”

“Now they have found a house servant by the name of Obama.”
Comment:  For more on Russell Means, see The Republic of Lakotah.


dmarks said...

"Further, he points out that the Zionists who control Israel now control the United States."

That comes awfully close to the ZOG or "Zionist Occupation Government" theory/claim put forth by white power groups and neo-Nazis. See this page, and the Google searches on the term which largely come up with neo-Nazi results.

Anonymous said...

He's lost it.

dmarks said...

He's also echoing Al Qaeda, which made a similar statement a little while back calling Obama a "house negro". Make no bones about it, the "house servant" thing is racial slur against the President-Elect. Regardless of any consideration to the issue being discussed.

Anonymous said...

Means is a racist (he's called his marriage to a Hopi an act of mongrelization) not to mention his blanket statements about White people. And he's a former domestic terrorist and I'd bet my last dollar he had a hand in the murder of Anna Mae Aquash. Oh and it amuses me to no end how many morons have bought his 'Lakotah republic' fraud; but I have to hand it to him it's quite an original scam.

Rob said...

We haven't bought the "Lakotah republic" fraud here at Newspaper Rock, of course.

At one of the FAITA award ceremonies, Means was a presenter. He made a valid point about Hollywood perpetuating Native stereotypes, but then blamed it on Jewish studio executives. His remarks were met with resounding silence.