January 18, 2014

Phony gun image still circulating

Because of the continuous splatter of dead bodies caused by gun nuts and their guns, people are still talking about the need for gun control. Therefore, people are still posting this image:

The problem isn't just conservatives trying to score points by falsely linking gun control to massacres. It's also liberals who aren't paying enough attention and think they're saying something about Wounded Knee.

As you may recall, I dissected this image in Phony Pro-Gun Indian Image. Now another site has chimed in with a debunking:

Was There an 1890 School Shooting Worse than Sandy Hook?Bottom Line

The Wounded Knee Massacre was a terrible tragedy in which nearly 300 mostly-unarmed Indians were killed. To categorize it as a school shooting, however, is completely without merit.
To help the idiots who want to forward this false or misleading image, I created an accurate version:

Any questions?

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