February 12, 2014

"Native" Redskins supporters = wannabes?

As noted in Lawmakers Threaten NFL's Tax Exemption, the Washington team is fighting back with letters 200 "self-identified Native Americans." The posting below gives us three of them. I'd guess they're among the best ones and not just ones chosen at random.

Redskins received 7,000 letters in support of the name, 200 from Native Americans

This led to a brief discussion on Facebook:As you would expect, the team is very confused about who is Native. Of the hundreds of "Indians" who have written in to support the name, I suspect only about ten percent are tribal citizens. I think you're right. Look at this posting:

  • "part Cherokee and Blackfoot"

  • "an American Indian descendent" [sic]..."Algonquin" [not a tribe]

  • "ancestors who were Native American, of the Cherokee Nation"

  • So they have no present-day connection to any Native tribe or culture. And they're located in the DC region, so they're biased for the Redskins.

    It's like citing me as an expert on Hollywood because I live in the area and have vague connections to the industry. Pretty much completely invalid.

    In short, I suspect most of them are "Indians" like Elizabeth Warren, Johnny Depp, and Ward Churchill. They've heard family legends and they think they're supporting their "ancestors" by supporting the Redskins.

    Meanwhile, there's this:

    Fox News Declares Washington ‘Redskins’ Name A Fake Controversy

    By EllenMegyn Kelly and Lauren Ashburn engaged in some jaw-dropping whitesplaining about the Washington Redskins team name tonight. First, Ashburn insisted that Native Americans are not really offended by the term "Redskins," it’s all a (biased, liberal) media snow job. Then after Kelly suggested the Native American community should be focused on more important things, Ashburn announced that it would be better to take “Washington” out of the team name instead.As I tweeted in response:"Fake News Declares 'Redskins' Name a Fake Controversy." Fox airheads are clueless about ongoing Native opposition.

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