February 14, 2014

Zazzle removes offensive valentines

Zazzle Removes Offensive Valentine’s Day Products

By Vincent SchillingShortly after posting a list of Native-themed Valentine’s Day gifts, the artistic product website Zazzle has removed two of the products listed in the article and issued a response on Twitter.

When asked what people thought of the product, responses on Twitter and Facebook ranged from “racist” to “shameful,” among others.

10 Native-Themed Valentine’s Day Gifts to Avoid

By Vincent SchillingNothing says Valentine’s Day more than a naked baby shooting arrows into your heart. But what if the baby was Native? Now that would be an appropriate Native-themed Valentine’s Day! Before you romantics run out to grab chocolates, flowers and maybe a teddy bear—we thought you might like to reflect on some other possibilities… to avoid.

If your loved one happens to be Native American and you are considering any of these gifts, you should think about sticking to the chocolate and flowers. Otherwise cupid won’t be the only one shooting an arrow at you.
Comment:  Zazzle has been in the racist spotlight before. For more on the subject, see Zazzle's "Go Native Americans!" Mousepad and Zazzle Removes Offensive T-Shirts.

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