August 07, 2014

Nugent attacks "unclean dipshit" Natives

Ever since Ted Nugent's racism got him fired from two tribal casinos, he's been trying to defend himself. As long as he kept talking, it was inevitable that his own ignorance would indict him.

Here's what Nugent really thinks of Indians:

Ted Nugent: 'My Lifestyle…Is More In The Indian Tradition Than Many Of The Indians Themselves'

By Miranda BlueTed Nugent called in to Glenn Beck’s program on Friday to defend himself after a number of his shows have been cancelled by Indian tribes because of his long history of racist remarks.

Nugent told Beck that in fact “my lifestyle as a white guy—though I’m hard to accept that designation—is more in the Indian tradition than many of the Indians themselves.”

In response to reports that he called protesters at one of his recent shows "unclean vermin,” Nugent told Beck, “I have a spiritual blood-brother relationship with these Indians and then the left literally creates the nastiest, hateful lie they can, put quotes around words attributed to me, Glenn, claiming that I called my red brothers ‘unclean vermin,’ which I never said in my life. They created that out of whole cloth.”

Later in the interview, Nugent acknowledged that he had called the protestors “unclean vermin” but that they were “communists.”
Nugent defends his ‘Native credibility’ in face of protests

By Corey Morris“The media took that statement and said I said that about my Native American blood brothers, with whom I have had a wonderful, brotherhood relationship for more than 45 years,” he said.

“There’s not a tribe in this country that hasn’t invited me to their reservation to teach their children about being clean and sober, to aim small, miss small, and the history of hands-on conservation.

“I am the best friend to the Native Americans,” Nugent said.

“It doesn’t bother me on a personal level–the more idiots hate me, the better my guitar playing gets.”
Let white man Ted Nugent teach you how to be Native American

"My lifestyle as a white guy ... is more in the Indian tradition than any of the Indians themselves," he says

By Prachi Gupta
As the predictable media shitstorm around his comments continues, Nugent is apparently going into damage-control mode at the only place he’ll find sympathy: in a studio with Glenn Beck. His defense consists of three points: A) The stupid liberals misquoted me, B) I have Native American friends so how can I be racist! and C) Besides, I’m more Indian than most Indians.

Alas, here’s the kicker: “My lifestyle as a white guy—though I’m hard to accept that designation—is more in the Indian tradition than many of the Indians themselves.” Dear Native Americans: White guy Ted Nugent can’t be racist, because the white guy knows more about your culture than you do.
Obviously Nugent can't name a single tribe and thinks all Indians are the same. Strike one.

Nugent thinks of Indians as his "red brothers" and "blood brothers." His notion that he has a relationship with some five million people, all of whom are "red," is strike two.

Indeed, he thinks he's a better Indian than many of them. Which means millions of Indians are inferior at being themselves. Or simply inferior, period. Strike three and he's out.

Yep, he's a racist

But wait, it gets worse.

Native Americans Protest Flaming Lips Lead Singer Wayne Coyne & Ted Nugent in Portland, OregonWhen challenged by a young Native man, Lance Browneyes on Facebook about wearing a Plains headdress and using a sacred White buffalo in photographs he retorted, "It was a gift from an Apache spiritual elder for helping Inidan(sp) kids stop substance abuse you subhuman mongrel." (Note: these headdresses are not part of Apache culture.)Ted Nugent Previews His Appearance At Toledo Blade Concert By Attacking "Stinkyass" American Indian Protestors

Nugent: American Indians Could Have Fought Off Settlers With Less "Whoopin" And "Hollerin"

By Timothy Johnson
On August 7, Nugent took to his Facebook page to hype his "Rib-Off" appearance, but also to argue that American Indians upset about land being taken from them by white settlers need to learn about the American Dream.

Nugent wrote, "WE ARE ON OUR JET NOW HEADING FOR TOLEDO RIBFEST JAM AFTER AN INSANE INCREDIBLE OUT OF BODY ULTRAROCKOUT at the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis SD! Simply astonishing gig! 4 stinkyass unclean dipshit protestors that admitted they hate me AND ALL WHITE PEOPLE THAT STOLE THEIR LAND BULLSHIT!! See, it aint me they hate, they hate all Americans that produce & live the American Dream. Simply insane!"

The protestors that Nugent attacked as "stinkyass unclean dipshit[s]" were reportedly from the United Urban Warrior Society in Rapid City, SD.

Nugent made other inflammatory comments in the discussion thread on his Facebook post. One fan wrote that "Maybe the natives shoulda had better weapons ..." to which Nugent responded, "less peyote less whoopin & hollerin."
Ted Nugent mocks ‘unclean dipsh*t’ Native Americans: Whites ‘stole their land’ is ‘bullsh*t’

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