August 29, 2006

Another scalping stereotype

Anti-abortionist Stanek:  "Sioux tribe plans to scalp its own"


Anonymous said...

You are right about two of the stereotypes, but I wonder about "blowing smoke". The first image that comes to mind from that phrase is of a cigar smoker puffing in someone's face (not Native related)

This page:

says the phrase comes from "the performances of stage conjurers who use these devices to hoodwink the audience"

I'd understand "smoke signals" as a stereotype/cliche phrase, but am not so certain on "blowing smoke".

Rob said...

I'm not sure either. But in many tribes, an elder blows smoke on people as a blessing. The act is called smudging and it's done with sage, cedar, or sweetgrass.

For more information, see

Anonymous said...

I doubt those who use such stereotypical phrases are even aware of this custom of blessing by elders.

Rob said...

Maybe, maybe not. It's impossible to be sure.