August 07, 2006

Preview of upcoming comic

Newsarama:  Christopher E. Long on Blackfoot Braves Society

CBR:  Christopher Long Talks "Blackfoot Braves Society""'Blackfoot Braves Society: Spirit Totems' is a story about Jackson Brady, a young boy who has lived a very privileged life being the son of a wealthy business man," explained Long. "In an attempt to shed the confines of his elite upbringing, he talks his father into allowing him to spend his vacation at the Blackfoot Braves Society summer camp, which is located at the base of Granite Mountain in Montana. Once there, he quickly befriends two other outcasts, Austin, a wisecracking prankster who’d walk a thousand miles to help a friend, and Mazzy, who feels more comfortable in the company of animals than with people, but that’s until she befriends Jackson and Austin. They soon discover that they’ve gotten more than they bargained with their summer vacation. Seeking shelter from a storm in a cave, they encounter a Ghost Shaman who teaches them to unleash their own animal spirit. It’s a good thing, too, because they’ll need those powers to fight a monstrous force that thirsts for revenge against humanity."

As the title suggest, Native American culture plays a large role in the book, and unlike many other Native-centric projects, Long has done his homework. Being respectful of Native American culture was a priority to Long and ensuring the integrity of his story involved going straight to the source. "I’ve worked closely with a handful of Native American tribes throughout California, and I’ve seen firsthand their struggles to preserve their cultures and heritages for future generations," he explained. "With that said, let me be very clear: I am not trying to make a statement incorporating Native Americans in this story. Blackfoot Braves Society is a work of fiction. Elements in this story dealing with Blackfoot Tribes are fictionalized for entertainment proposes!"
For more on this series, go to the Blackfoot Braves Society Home Page. Here you can read a sample chapter. After reading it, I'd say BBS looks like a standard kids' adventure with a supernatural Native twist.

Stayed tuned for more information as it develops.

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