August 25, 2006

Greeks can't handle truth...

...that civilization is multicultural:

"You need some help....Fiction is quite your taste I can see from you."


Anonymous said...

This might be the first item I've seen in this newer blog that is actually not connected to Native America.

Rob said...

It's all ultimately connected. As you may know, Indians gave us such things as food, medicine, art, and philosophy. Jack Weatherford chronicled their many contributions in his fine book Indian Givers.

Thus, to say our culture is based primarily on the ancient Greek civilization is a misstatement of history. Our culture comes partly from Greece and partly from other sources, including Native America.

"No matter which continent your ancestors came from, if you are an American, you are part Indian in your roots," said Larry Echohawk (Pawnee). See America's Cultural Roots for more on the subject.