January 23, 2007

Another stupid, stereotypical school

Activists want ban on schools' Indian mascotsTeams at Riverdale High School in Murfreesboro are nicknamed the Warriors.

The school's sports mascot is Chief Win-Em-All. And the basketball gym's student bleacher section is called "The Reservation," its name painted in big letters.
Of course, the school sees nothing wrong with this:At Riverdale, Principal Tom Nolan said the school takes pride in its sports name and the 35-year tradition of the Warriors. To take that away would hurt the school, which so identifies with its Indian name, he said.

That tradition is on display throughout the school. The student newspaper is called Smoke Signal, and the signs above the classroom doors are shaped like arrowheads. Nolan said none of it is done in a comic book or caricaturing manner.
Comment:  Gee, that's reassuring. I'd hate to see the dignity of Chief Win-Em-All besmirched in a comic-book manner.

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